Maintenance Guide

You are now the proud owner of an Elsa Lee Paris piece of jewellery. It is precious and requires attention and daily care. It is made of delicate materials, which should be handled carefully to avoid any damage of which Elsa Lee Paris can not be held responsible. In order to preserve it, we recommend that you follow the following maintenance instructions.



Bague collection Tradition Elsa Lee Paris

Our Elsa Lee Paris creations are delicate products made of 925 sterling silver and Cubic Zirconia. It is therefore essential to bring them special daily care. 

  • Keep your piece of jewellery in its case in a soft and appropriate environment  in order to limit the risk of scratches. We also recommend you to keep them away from light, sunlight and heat.
  • Regularly clean your jewellery with a soft, shiny, dry cloth to maintain its brightness
  • Remove your jewellery during activities to limit the impacts, on the beach and at the pool in order to preserve the sterling silver and the Cubic Zirconia from corrosion
  • Avoid impacts with hard, rough or abrasive objects.
  • Remove your jewellery whenever it could be in contact with water (shower, swimming pool…).
  • The use of chemicals and the exposure to harmful environments will damage your goods. These include, but are not limited to, perspiration, perfumes, creams, soaps, cleansers, salt water, chlorine…
  • Add your jewellery after finishing your outfit in the morning and remove it first in the evening.
  • Remove your jewellery while you sleep

However, it is normal for fashion jewellery to show signs of wear and tear, whatever its composition: it lives to the pace of our lives! Beyond the small everyday stripes that bring an authentic touch to your jewellery, the more you will look after them, the better they will age.



You may have one or more synthetic pearls on your Elsa Lee piece of jewellery. These elements require special attention :

  • Clean your pearl regularly with a soft and dry cloth to keep its brightness.
  • Do not use any product or water to clean your pearl
  • Keep your jewellery in its case in an appropriate environment in order to limit the risk of scratches on the pearls.



Leather goods

Elsa Lee Paris leather goods are made of natural calf leather. Leather is a living material that can change over time. In order to preserve your companion and to prevent its alteration, we recommend that you handle it carefully :

  • Avoid contact with items that could damage the leather such as water, grease, perfume, makeup…
  • Avoid filling your companion up so it would lose its original shape




We advise you to keep your watch in its original box but also all documents relating to it as well as additional elements such as the links of bracelet. Your watch should be kept away from moisture and light to protect it and preserve it in its original state. Your watch is waterproof to 3 meters. However, we recommend that you remove your watch before showering or swimming.

The bracelet of your watch requires special attention if you want to preserve it. The maintenance will be more frequent if you wear your watch on a daily basis. If you have a leather strap, using a soft wet brush and soap, degrease your seams and the inner face of the bracelet; Rinse with clean water, then wipe with a soft cloth and let it dry at room temperature away from any heat sources. If your bracelet is in ceramic, metallic or rubber, you can apply the previous advice to the entire bracelet.

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